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rent car Marrakech aeroport

Car Marrakesh

Visit Marrakesh for tourists has become a ritual observed every year in Morocco except it have to seize such an opportunity for investors in tourism services.

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rent cars Casablanca aeroport

Car Casablanca

Looking to spend a stay in the economic capital of Morocco, you just rent a car in Casablanca with Gussets, Pivot Cars are smeared and make your travel unforgettable experiences.

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rent car Ouarzazate

Rent cars Ouarzazate

If you want to discover a sandy places reflecting the spirit Sahara in Morocco, he is no better than the city of Ouarzazate, located near Marrakech this city offers all the privileges to discover in all its simplicity of life

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booking car Essaouira

Car Essaouira

When told to travel to Essaouira, we always think of the city included in UNESCO and is thought to Gnaoua without forgetting the romantic and calm atmosphere near the beaches.

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Rent car Agadir with Gouss car

Gouss car is a rental and car rental agency in Agadir which guarantees you great comfort and flexibility. It offers you the best value for money: pay less cheaper all over Morocco. Our prices are competitive and very competitive. As you go to Morocco you will discover your holiday location in a much more thorough way. We will pick you up at the airport, at your hotel, at the bus station ... We offer daily, weekly and monthly rates as well as special for business and online reservations. Gouss car offers economical and high-end cars. At the airport of Agadir or Marrakech your clean car awaits you, punctuality and professional service


  • A park diversified by new cars.
  • A motivated and welcoming staff.
  • Services with a competitive value for money.
  • A fast service(department) for all the cars and 4x4.
  • Possibility of transfers towards all the destinations of your choice.
  • Assistance(Audience) 24H / 24 and 7j / 7 + formula of partnership with other renters through all Morocco.
  • It often happens that we try to take some time to rest(base) and reload, somehow or other, his(her) batteries(drum kits) after a frustrating period of the work. In this sense(direction), there is not better than to choose a soothing and joyful place especially with pleasant(kind) people admiring the simplicity.
    One of the Moroccan cities which you are recommended is Agadir, the tourist area in Morocco the most the appreciated by the tourists everything because it establishes the portal towards Moroccan Sahara. Therefore, there is better only to have the stay in Agadir while visiting the regions which surround him as imesouane, tifnit, Tiznit, imourane, taghazout and other good plans.
    You need only a comfortable car to go to the discovery of all these places with your good company (family and\or friends) You said that you do not have a car? No panic, you will find several rental agencies transport Agadir which are going to present you a service of a perfect quality at every level, it is just necessary to look on your search engine to choose the best. Failing that, you can ask for notices, this way, about travel guides even before arrives to Agadir to make the good choice.
    A big part(party) of the rental agencies of cars proposes the recovery(recycling) of the car rented(praised) at the airport with complementary(additional) services(departments) to guarantee the comfort to the driver and to his companions(journeymen):
    You have while to proceed to the reservation of the car chosen in the motor vehicle population(car fleet) with the best rental agency of car Agadir Gouss because. For all your car rentals, and 4X4 in Morocco For your travels(movements) of affair(business) or vacancy in Morocco Gouss because, your partner company(society) for the success of your holidays and business(affairs) in Morocco. We put in your service(department) a choice very wide of vehicles new rented long and short duration, a range of recent cars which answer your journey in Morocco, economical cars, sedans and 4X4.
    Then do not hesitate any more, consult our offers at the prices(prizes) discounts and leave serene behind the wheel of your car of cheap rent, in Morocco

    electric motor

    A good news for those who rent electric motor cars

    Until this time(weather), those who rent(praise) battery-driven vehicles were disadvantaged with regard to(compared with) the people who bought this type(chap) of vehicles. But this July, the decree for the bonus of battery-driven vehicles in rental agreement was changed and it was published to the Gazette. What are these changes? Nowadays, more and more countries think of facilitating to the citizens the access to electric motor cars. They build several stations of load, they offer financial bonuses, they make advertising campaigns promoting new models of electric motor cars … Everything so that people buy more and more battery-driven vehicles.

    Audi Q5

    Audi adds hybrid kindness - Audi Q5

    Serial Audi Q5 was an enormous success from the beginning when he(it) was thrown(launched) for the first time in 2009. Now, the 2014 continues to create a big agitation and an excitement among the lovers of cars and Audi-amoureux, largely because of the use of the hybrid technology which improved the performances of classics Audi Q5.

    voitures alimentées

    Green energy: the water fed cars

    Did you know that the water can be used to feed cars? It's true. German BMW automobile the decision-makers have already produced the first time to the world fed in the hydrogen transports. However, they did not produce 100 of them. Can you imagine if they had to build more and these cars were on the road?

    Electric cars

    Electric cars

    We EV the enthusiasts are happy that he(it) exists once again, certain big electric motor cars on the market. But wait one minute I do not have it occur once before? Actually, she(it) made him(it). At the end of the 90s and in the early 2000s, several big manufacturers constructed and sold built in factory electric motor cars. Ford Ranger EV, Toyota Rav 4 EV, and Honda EV More all occur them. And, of course, for those of you who did not see " Which(Who) killed the electric motor car ", there is a famous EV1 built by General Motors. I searched, and cannot find a single negative comment on any of these from now on ten years EVS, and nevertheless all the manufacturers stopped their production by quoting a variety of different reasons.